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Q: Do I need a prescription for physiotherapy? 

 A: Patients can be seen without a prescription, they can self refer. please note that some insurance company's require a prescription and if this is  a WCB or SGI claim then a prescription from your doctor will need to be obtained. All Workers Comp, and SGI patients can come  in for an evaluation without a prescription but they must then be referred to a physician following their evaluation.

Q: How Long will my appointment be?

A: The length of the visit depends on each patient's individual injury and specific needs. On average, the initial evaluation will usually take a little over an hour. Follow up appointments are usually 20 min but could take about 40 minutes if deemed necessary. 

Q: What do I need to wear for my initial appointment?
A: Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, if this is a lower body injury shorts are preferred. 

Q: Should I bring any X-rays and MRI reports with me?
A: Yes, please do. Although we can request these from your doctor or lab facility, it is better if you provide them for us during your first visit so that we can perform a more complete and accurate evaluation.


Q: What types of treatments do you perform?
A: We perform various types of treatments, and will customize a program combining the best techniques specific for your particular injury. The modalities and techniques we use include soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation, stretching, therapeutic exercises, and ice. The treatment program will be performed in a private treatment room as well as a gym setting using a variety of athletic and rehabilitation equipment.

Q: What type of equipment do you have on the premises?
A: Because we focus on rehabilitation as well as performance enhancement, we have a full gym on the premises, including a variety of equipment intended solely for rehabilitation.

Q: Do I always see the same therapist?
A: At Moose Jaw Physical Rehab, you will always see the same physical therapist that you start with, except for special circumstances such as scheduling difficulties or special diagnoses.


Q: How often will I come?
Most prescriptions and treatment schedules are for 2-3 visits per week, but this will vary based on your condition and physical ability. Physical therapy sessions typically last an hour. Treatment plans usually are from 6-12 weeks with periodic re-evaluations and regular follow-up visits with your doctor.

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